Dhanraj Bhagat




is one of the most inventive sculptors of India. He has carved a niche for himself in the art history of the Indian subcontinent. It was because of his exceptional creativity that he gained recognition in the art world. Works and installations by Dhanraj Bhagat prove the excellence of his arty talent. More about this gifted artist is elaborated in the lines that follow.







Monarch Series






Dhanraj Bhagat made fresh experiments with unique and new-fangled media in his creations. He has gained great expertise over his exclusive style all through the years. This style depicts a blend of artistic traditions and arty ideals of the West. He has employed color and geometric shapes and illustrated the amalgamation through them.


He worked with a number of media but wood suited him the best way and his sculptures came out happiest with it. With this media he took on, he articulated the various delicate motifs that were important to him. In his last years, the artist fashioned a portfolio of drawings as he couldn’t create sculptures anymore. This portfolio mirrored characteristic artistic vocabulary of this artist. His artistic style and body of artworks have been frequently compared to those of Paul Klee and Victor Vasarely. 

He is especially celebrated for his installations and works such as ‘Monarch Series’ and ‘Bull’. Both of these creations are carved in wood. ‘Monarch Series’ is embellished with copper pieces and nails.





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